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June 28 2016


What to Watch When There is Nothing on TV

For decades, the availability of television programming has been increasing. Three networks became a dozen networks, and then expanded into over five-hundred channels. Programming become available twenty-four hours a day, and sometimes, there still seems like nothing is on TV. Streaming television via the internet became the answer for people who felt there was nothing on, because it allows people to select shows on demand. They can watch whatever they want at any time, so there is always something on TV now. The decision now becomes which service provider to choose for streaming television. The cost of streaming is much more cost-effective than cable or satellite delivery services, so people can compare streaming TV services to find one that suits their needs and budgets.

online TV app

Some services are free of charge. Those will have commercials and offer limited selections, but still allow people to pick and choose what they watch. Others vary in pricing, and offer different viewing options. The major networks, like CBS, for example, allow people to view some episodes of their programming free, and charge a low subscription rate each month for access to full seasons of programming. Some offer shows from various networks, like Netflix, Google Chromecast, and Amazon Prime Instant Video. Those will also offer movie titles and original programming. What is still lacking in available streaming access is popular sports channels and local programming. A new television streaming service has begun to include local channels, as well as sports channels. It may offer people the option to utilizing streaming as the sole source of viewing entertainment, rather than using it as a supplement to traditional television services.

Many people still have cable or dish services for sports channels, access to public broadcasting, and local channels. They have to pay extra for bundles that include local channels, which adds even more to the cost. They use streaming to break away from rigid schedules, and enjoy the flexibility of on demand programming, but keep the higher price television services to have better access to a wdier range of selections. A streaming service that combines the freedom of streaming with the accessibility to sports and local channels may have people switching to streaming entirely. It would save them a lot of money and provide them things to watch when there is nothing on TV.
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